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COVID-19 Return to Work Video Training Series

Return to Operations; Module 2

Running Time: 1:17:16

This is Module #2, the second part of our instructional series on returning to operations, and staying in operation, in a pandemic environment.

Prepare for an hour and a half of specialized instruction on “Opening Day” and developing a robust system of sustainable operations.

Elements such as handling employee and customer non-compliance, understanding the unique challenges in employee temperature screening, cleaning and sanitizing/disinfecting, and the critical human component.

Viewers will receive specific recommendations by experts, useful options, and will gain the practical information and guidance to keep their operations going strong.

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Guidelines for Returning to Service

As more states and countries are slowly beginning to ease restrictions, the common denominator for safely re-opening seems first to have a plan and the necessary resources required to execute the plan. The guidebook details a three-stage process that establishes benchmarks for proceeding with a phased reopening.

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Contagion Resource Guide

This guidance provides practical suggestions for Companies to protect themselves, passengers, and employees when exposed to a possible contagious disease. It includes internal and external communications statement templates as well as consolidated information from U.S. Government Agencies related to protecting yourself and others, managing a sick traveler, cleaning contaminated areas, and actions to take after the flight.

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Return to Operations; Module 1

Running Time: 57:53

This is Module #1, a 5-part instructional series on returning to operations in a pandemic environment. Settle in for an hour of instruction on how to responsibly and defensibly reopen your work center, and keep it open.

Elements such as establishing an Entry Control Point, establishing temperature screening areas, signage, and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) best practices will be demonstrated and discussed.

Viewers will receive ongoing textual reminders, and will gain the practical information and guidance to develop their Preopening Plan.

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