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eLearning Library

The eLearning Library supports and prepares you for the various stages of your Emergency Response Program. Throughout the life cycle of your Program, these courses will provide you and your team with the knowledge to advance your emergency preparedness.
Annual unlimited access for all members of your organization are included in the E-Learning Library subscription.

Stage 1 – Emergency Response Planning

In this course, participants will learn the foundation of emergency response. How to organize the team for your Tabletop Exercise and ultimately introduce the process of your Tactical Emergency Response Plan. Learn More

Stage 2 – Building a Family Assistance Program

In this course, you will identify the different milestones of Family Assistance, to align your team and external Fireside Partner resources to ensure families receive the emotional support, direction, and compassion needed as we navigate through the challenging times in the aftermath of an emergency.  Learn More

Stage 3 – Preparing for your Live Drill

In this course, you will continue to grow and hone your skills to ensure you have correctly identified your roles and responsibilities in advance of your live drill. Learn More

Stage 4 – Emergency Communications

In this course, we will address the critical communication requirements after an accident. Communication in areas such as: What to say to your employees Addressing the concerns of owners and customers Talking with family members after a traumatic event Preparing appropriate media statements And many more. Learn More

Covid 19 – Return to Work

This course provides a roadmap for a successful opening day experience and can be referenced to address any pandemic that might arise in the future, and includes 2 (1) hour modules. Once the entire course (2 modules) is complete, there will be a final knowledge transfer assessment. Upon passing the final assessment, the learner will be …

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