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Fireside Partners Inc. and Blake Emergency Services renew their decade-long International Mutual Aid Agreement

2023 marks the 10th year of the international cooperative Agreement between Blake Emergency Services in the UK and Fireside Partners in the USA. Since the inception of this Agreement, both entities have committed to training together, responding together when global reach is required, and sharing best practices and lessons learned to benefit and develop both organizations.

During a recent Blakes response team training event in Stockport, U.K., Don Chupp of Fireside and Abigail Pollard of Blakes renewed this vital Agreement by signing an updated copy. This significant milestone will continue to have far-reaching positive impacts on emergency response services globally. In the simplest of terms, this Agreement provides clients of both organizations assured worldwide coverage in the event of an emergency.

Both companies leverage their material resources, use their response teams as a global force multiplier, and ultimately deliver services and expertise for their collective clients. President and CEO of Fireside Partners, Don Chupp, notes, “Many years ago, while serving at the National Transportation Safety Board, I became disheartened at how some emergency service providers acted, both in terms of practices in the field and meetings. They often made disparaging comments about one another and seemed to market capabilities they could not bring to bear in times of need. In contrast, the team at Blakes operated in a manner that brought distinction and service excellence to the trade.” Looking forward, Chupp adds, “The bottom line is clients of either organization now get the power of both of us. In an era where many organizations only look at the price of something, our collective clients understand the tangible value of this union and its inherent two-for-one benefit. They further understand the criticality of being able to deliver on what you say you can do. I am honored to have this valuable partnership and to serve our clients when in need.”

“Dependable emergency response services are critical in crises, and by working collaboratively as we have, our companies are even better positioned to respond to emergencies across the globe. Fireside and Blakes have enjoyed an amazingly seamless relationship caring for our client’s complex situations. We work closely with our friends at Fireside, communicate frequently, train together, and share best practices. We are proud of our collective teams, which naturally integrate whenever we need them in challenging emergencies,” stated Abigail Pollard, Managing Director at Blake Emergency Services.

Carla Tirel, Vice President of Operations at Fireside, added, “Blakes is a natural partner for us, having the same ethical standards, transparent business practices, and comprehensive services. Everyone, from their management team to their field responders, is top-notch. Clients of our respective organizations benefit from having the resources of two great companies working as one, especially when international coverage or a deeper bench is needed.”

This 10-year international cooperative agreement renewal is a milestone that continues to benefit both companies and their clients worldwide. It reinforces the importance of collaboration and international cooperation in emergency response services and will undoubtedly positively impact the entire industry.


Carla Tirel | Vice President, Operations | Fireside Partners, Inc.
US: +1.302.613.0017

Abigail Pollard | Managing Director | Blake Emergency Services
UK: +44 (0)1298.815786

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